Premium – 5 mm Cotton String Ivory


Premium – 5 mm Cotton String Ivory
100% Cotton, Super Soft
5 mm
75  meter
0.5 kilo
1-ply string

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Premium – 5 mm Cotton String Ivory

Premium Cotton is our finest, most luxurious cotton available in lots of colours and different kinds rope and string.
We’ve searched a long time for a premium 100% cotton with a distinctive quality so clear, soft and shiny, you can almost feel it in the photos. Produced with OEKO-TEX 2022OK2199 AITEX label.

The fibers are longer, flatter and sleeker than recycled cottons.  This is what gives the rope its strength and silkiness.  It allows for easier combing into a beautiful rich fringe and / or luxurious tassels with less flying fuzz. It can be used for macrame, weaving, crochet, needle punch and more.
When looking for a premium fibre that exudes luxury? Here it is.

100% VIRGIN Cotton, NO other additives such as plastic, elastane, nylon, synthetics, polyester or acryl are added. Therfore much saver for your health since there are no chemical and plastic fibers (as in all recycled cottons) flying around (to breath in) while working with this beautiful product.

Premium – 5 mm Cotton String Ivory
100% Cotton
5 mm 1-ply string
Approx. 75 meter in 0.5 kilo
Approx. 150 meter in 1 kilo

Colours are difficult to describe and each screen shows the colours differently.
Because cotton is a natural product, the colour and thickness may vary slightly each productionrange. When you purchase 2 or more of the same product in 1 order, you will get the same qualitity (when in stock)
The different sized cones are not always of the same productionrange, so colours may differ

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